Najahi Events and Seminars brings together thousands of aspiring, middle and senior level people from throughout the UAE and Middle East, drawing inspiration and ideas from other leaders through exposure to state-of-art leadership thinking.

Sponsors of Najahi will have the opportunity to interact and network with key decision makers from a large number of organisations, of whom influence and inform their companies.

Our tailored sponsorship packages are designed to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI);
all sponsorship packages include a comprehensive level of:

Increased brand exposure

Increased brand exposure and awareness with a targeted audience through inclusion of your logo in pre-event promotions including:

  • E-marketing: regular, targeted email blasts promoting the event, including programme updates, key dates and featured speakers.
  • Websites: events’ websites which will be regularly updated with the latest programmme and sponsors’ information
Build brand recognition and credibility. Build rapport and generate new business opportunities with senior professionals through the event and pre-event networking activities.
Showcase products strategies and services.
The events provide an ideal platform to showcase high level decision makers the products, strategies and services that you provide.
Gain new contacts.
Gain access to the events and seminars delegate lists and build relationships during networking opportunities and branding platforms