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Cha Ching
Cha Ching

March 2nd & March 3rd, 2018

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

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About Cha-Ching

The event name “Cha-Ching” was chosen carefully as it mean: Score! wow! It is said to celebrate something that has made or will make lots of money… and this is how it sounds

Cha-Ching is bringing together world’s best speakers and coaches, to help you create your financially sustainable life by helping you find new sources of income, through financial Literacy and education. This event will help you walk away with a goal, a plan and a business strategy that will support you in achieving financial freedom.


Najahi Events and Seminars brings the world’s leading speakers in personal empowerment, financial education and leadership skills to the Middle East through the use of “Edutainment” (educating while entertaining). Operating out of Abu Dhabi Emirate, Najahi brings entertainment, community and personal transformation and youth empowerment events and programmes, aiming to create not only business leaders, but also civic and family influencers, who will make positive and transformational changes to their communities and lives.

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What Will You Learn?

This event aims to educate, equip, and empower you to create a sustainable income that allows you to
become financially free.

You will learn from the best-in- class in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Trading, Online Business, Property Investment, Wealth Creation and Entrepreneurship.

You will learn the secrets of bitcoin trading from the top cryptocurrency expert in the world

You will be taught how to invest in US property even if you don’t have previous experience

You will be exposed to the secrets of e-commerce, how to make money online and the best methods of online marketing

You will learn how to succeed and thrive as an entrepreneur and how to turn your start-up into a successful business

You will learn how to become a successful social media influencer

Our speakers will share with you their strategies and secrets that make them successful and wealthy and will help you become as successful as they are:


To learn the most effective ways to make your money work harder for you (not you work hard for the money)


To develop skills in online business and leadership that will be practical for you. In addition to learning sales and marketing tools, how to motivate and develop your staff and generate more profit with cutting-edge strategies.


To find the asset classes that will work best for you – property, trading, bitcoin, online business & marketing and how to leverage them for maximum profit and minimum risk.

What to expect?
Attending the event will give you access to business professionals, executives, managers and owners. You will also meet like-minded high-achieving individuals who will inspire and assist you in your journey, who range from entrepreneurs, investors, fund raisers and students to decision makers within top-line organizations and in their perspective countries.
The world’s top speakers will offer you a chance to develop an efficient system for success, investments and  business. They will not only mentor and teach you, but will also give you the opportunity to practice and see all these teachings into action right before your eyes.


Sebastian Huth

The Bitcoin Visionary

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Michael Blank

US Property Investment Expert

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Jim Britt

Internationally Recognized Business Leader

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Courtney Smith

Renowned Trader & Educator

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Jay Shetty

Social Media Influencing

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Mona Tavassoli


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Michael Dermer


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John Lee

Co-Founder of Wealth Dragons

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Larry Loik

Foremost Authority on Ecommerce & DropShipping in the USA

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Master of Ceremony


Omar Al Busaidy

Speaker, Author, Futurist

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Sebastian HUTH
Bitcoin Trading & Blockchain
Wealth Creation – Cracking the Rich Code for Investors
US Property Investment
Stock Trading
Financial Freedom through UK Property Deals
How to become a Social Media Influencer?
What it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur in 2018
Wealth Creation – Cracking the Rich Code for Entrepreneurs
Surprise Speaker
Entrepreneurship: How to Have it All!

*Timings are subject to change

1 Day
AED 135
AED 114
*Admission to 1 day

1 Day
AED 299
AED 254
*Admission to 1 Day
*Front row seating
*Tote Bag with Book
AED 199
AED 169
*Admission to 2 days

AED 399
AED 339
*Admission to 2 Days
*Front row seating
*Tote Bag with Book

Note: These prices include 5% VAT


Date : March 2nd & March 3rd, 2018

Venue : Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

Registration Time : 7:30AM to 9:00AM
Event Timings : 9:00AM to 7:00PM









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Sebastian Huth

Sebastian has traveled, lived and worked in over 55 countries during the last 20 years. Over this period of time he gave workshops and talks on personal development and about being Real and True in countless locations all over the world. He also worked for hundreds of major global companies, such as BMW, Allianz, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and the international royal class. Through these encounters he met, listened and spoke to the most influential people in finance, banking and business from around the world, including the most important head of states from all over the globe. With this information he gained massive inside knowledge of the true state of our financial system and therefore bought his first Bitcoins in March 2013 at the price of 66.99 Euros. Since then he gave countless talks all over Europa and spoke to hundreds of people about Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies its impact on the planet right now and the future. Sebastian calls Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology “ the third path “ that will disrupt disrupt the financial system and change the world entirely. He strongly believes that Bitcoin and its technology is going to touch, change and improve the life of every human being on this earth, especially in the developing world in an unimaginable positive way. Sebastian is a Bitcoin speaker, entrepreneur and Bitcoin coach

Michael Blank

Michael Blank’s passion is being an entrepreneur and helping others become (better) entrepreneurs. His focus is buying apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals. He is a full-time entrepreneur, investor and coach and passionate about helping others become financially free in 3-5 years by investing in apartment building deals with a special focus on raising money. Through his company Nighthawk Equity, he control over $65 million in performing multifamily assets all over the United States. In addition to investing nationwide, he teaches others how to do their first apartment building deal through tons of free content on as well as additional training programs. He have helped students acquire over 750 units valued in excess of $27M and we’re on track to do a 1,000 units in the next 12 months through our unique coaching and “Deal Desk” program. He is the host of the popular podcast “Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank” and he write regularly for the Bigger Pockets and Flipnerd’s REI Classroom. He lives in Northern VA with my wife and 4 children.

Jim Britt

Jim Britt is the author of numerous best-selling books and programs. Some of his many titles include Rings of Truth, Do This. Get Rich-For Entrepreneurs, Do This. Get Rich! for Network Marketers, Unleashing Your Authentic Power, The Power of Letting Go, and Cracking the Rich Code. He is an internationally recognized business leader who is highly sought after as a keynote speaker for all audiences.

Jim was recently named as one of the top 20 living success coaches, and presented with the “Best of the Best” award out of the top 100 contributors of all time to the Direct Selling industry. As a coach and trainer, Jim leverages his skills and experience as one of the leading experts in peak performance, entrepreneurship and personal empowerment to produce stellar results. He is pleased to work with small business entrepreneurs, network marketers, and anyone seeking to remove the blocks that stop their success in any area of their life. Jim’s formal education stopped before graduating from high school.

His career training began in a gas station earning $1.00 per hour and then on a factory floor making $1.67 per hour. His first attempt at entrepreneurial success he started at rock bottom with $9 in the bank and a borrowed $4,000. A year later he had lost it all…home, both vehicles, furniture, everything. But after that first year and a lot of tenacity the tables turned and shortly thereafter he had made his first million.

Over the years he has built a fortune worth millions of dollars with multiple streams of passive income from various business models. He also has studied human behavior and what really motivates us to take action and achieve great things. Today he puts his efforts into teaching what he’s learned over the years and helping others achieve success beyond their wildest hopes.

Today, Jim’s background spans all levels of experience and research. He has been business partners with many of today’s great mentors such as Dr. Denis Waitley’s Psychology of Winning, Jim Rohn’s Adventures in Achievement, and Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho Cybernetics, International. Jim has worked with more than 300 corporations around the world as a performance educator, and success coach helping executives and their employees improve performance, access their true potential, and live lives filled with personal and professional advancement.

Today, Jim presents seminars on personal achievement, entrepreneurship, small business success strategies, network marketing, leadership, and all aspects of peak performance and personal fulfillment. To date, he has addressed thousands of audiences around the world totaling well over 1,000,000 people from all walks of life.


Courtney Smith is one of the most successful investors of the last 30 years. He is a multi-disciplinary investment leader and only person in history to have a highly ranked hedge fund, stock picking letter, mutual fund, and futures newsletter. He regularly mentors people on turning investments into real wealth.

Jay Shetty

"A Young Tony Robbins" - Jon Steinberg, Former President Buzzfeed & CEO Founder Cheddar "I feel like I invented him" - Arianna Huffington "He's the digital monk" - Khaleej Times

Jay Shetty, is an award winning British Asian online personality, storyteller, host, filmmaker and former monk. Since launching his Facebook channel in 2016, Jay’s viral wisdom videos have garnered over 500 million views and gained him over 2 million followers globally. In 2017, he was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017 for being a game-changer and influencer in the world of media. His popular video themes include success, motivation, inspiration, drive, passion, love and relationships, innovation, happiness, careers etc. Jay aims to make wisdom go viral and share education at the pace we want entertainment. 

His talent was spotted by Arianna Huffington and he hosted a Facebook Live show for The Huffington Post called #FollowTheReader that reached 1 million people daily. The show ranked number one for audience engagement and participation at the company where he interviewed the likes of Russell Simmons, Tim Ferriss, Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein and Simon Sinek.

After graduating with a 1st class BSc (Hons) Degree specializing in Behavioral Science from Cass Business School London, inspired to make a difference in the world, at 22 he went to live as a monk in India. For 3 years, Jay helped build sustainable villages, food programs distributing over 1 million meals per day and coached millennials across the world in ancient wisdom for modern times. 

Wanting to pay forward what he had learnt with former colleagues, Jay began sharing his experiences as a monk in universities and the worlds largest corporations including EY and Nasdaq. Noticing the world was going Digital, Jay simultaneously went on to become Accenture's Social Media coach for executives online branding and digital strategy. 

He has been invited to keynote at leading companies including Google, Microsoft, L'Oreal and HSBC about finding purpose, innovation, and driving change. Jay won the ITV Asian Media Award for Best Video Blog 2016 and came 3rd in the Guardian Rising Star Award in 2015.

Mona Tavassoli

CEO and Founder, Mompreneur Middle East

Mona Tavassoli is The CEO and founder of Mompreneurs Middle East, a B2B platform that caters to female entrepreneurs in the Middle East and enables them to promote and grow their business. The organization believes in women's empowerment in the region through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship.

Mompreneurs Middle East strives to educate women to raise thriving families and build successful businesses through self-mastery and self-discipline. Mona has been featured across a number of different publications and media outlets including Sky News Arabia, Dubai Eye Radio, SME Advisor, TEDx UOWD, Arabian Business, The National and many others.

Mona is a mother of two, an entrepreneur and adventurer. She takes part in challenging experiences on a regular basis to extend her horizon. Skydiving, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, under the banner of "World Peace Through Women's Empowerment”, and even firewalking. Mona’s research has taken her right across the globe, and she has studied under numerous experts and mentors. She has taken part in programs led by all the greats, including Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy, and has been presented with the Young Alumni Award by University of Wollongong in Dubai. Mona has completed Vital Voices VVGrow program and she is a part of VV100 women leaders.

She is an NLP practitioner and she graduated from SKEMA Business School, in Sophia Antipolis, France, with a degree in Strategic Tourism Management, Destination Marketing in 2010. Additionally, she obtained a Master’s Degree in International Business in 2007 from the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Mona worked at ADabisc Memac Ogilvy and Publicis Graphics before starting her own company.

Michael Dermer

Topic: Success of an Entrepreneur

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer and founder/author of The Lonely Entrepreneur. Michael is considered the founder of not only a company, but an industry – rewarding individuals for healthy behavior.

Michael left a promising law career to start IncentOne, the first company to provide rewards for healthy behavior. At the time, rewards in healthcare were not only non-existent – they were offensive. He was told over and over “we will never reward people for things they should be doing to be healthy.”

After bootstrapping for a decade, his company received a large private equity investment on October 15, 2008. They had arrived. It should have been a time for celebration.

Then the financial crisis hit. Ten years were gone in ten days. Bankrupt customers. Investment gone. Credit dead. Family dollars at risk. Angry investors. Family relationships on the brink. It would take two years of working 24 hours a day to save what took ten years to build. The perfect storm. It was doomed. Or was it? Today, health rewards are everywhere, he sold IncentOne to industry innovator Welltok and his company is credited with creating the health rewards industry.

What resulted was not only a business success, but the discovery of a unique method on how to thrive under the pressure, chaos and burden of being the entrepreneur. The Lonely Entrepreneur was born.


Entrepreneur | IPO | Investor | Tech | Author

John Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Wealth Dragons Group PLC. He is also the founder of Wealth Dragons Online which is set to become one of the largest E-learning platforms for business entrepreneurs across the globe. He started investing in property in his early 20s. By the time he was 27, John had achieved his goal of becoming a self-made millionaire. John is the author of the best selling book the Wealth Dragon Way.

He is one of the youngest British born Chinese entrepreneurs to be taking a company to a public offering and has helped thousands of business owners across the globe, grow their businesses. Having gained millions of followers on social media, his mission is now to revolutionise the education system to share his knowledge with others and was soon being invited to speak all around the world on the topics of property investment, digital marketing, business growth and entrepreneurship.

He subsequently gained an international reputation as a world class speaker and has shared stages with Bill Clinton, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Jack Welch (ex-CEO of GE) and Randi Zuckerberg. John has been featured in Sunday Times, Huffington Post, Channel News Asia, Fortune Magazine, Edge, The BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and was awarded man of the year in 2017 by Global Women Magazine.

John’s success came despite a humble start in life. He was born to Chinese parents who ran a takeaway restaurant in the north of England. All of John’s achievements came as the result of endless hard work and unwavering tenacity. John is dedicated to showing others how they have the opportunity to do the same and is continually inspired by watching his students achieve the kind of success they thought they could only ever dream of.

Larry Loik

Larry Loik has vast experience around Finances, Real Estate Investing, Internet Marketing & Ecommerce.

He has appeared on: CNBC,97.1FM KLSX CBS Radio,KNX1070 AM L.A. ,New York Times, LATimes, PBS, Trinity Broadcast Network,Money Magazine, BloomBerg ,KFWB 980 AM & Countless other Media Outlets. Mr. Loik is the CEO of Complete Marketing Systems, an E-commerce Company based out of Las Vegas.

He has also developed a Complete Suite of Learning Systems for people wanting Online Home-Based Businesses, which include DropShipping, Wholesaling, Fulfillment by Amazon & ecommerce. Mr. Loik was the largest franchisee of Anthony Robbins in the world & was personally trained by Tony himself.

He has run venture capital companies, owned mortgage companies and currently is the founder and president of The Real Estate Investor Network also known as The REINclub.

Lawrence has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, and many other top experts in the nation. In addition was the talented host of the syndicated CBS Radio show The New Money Show on KLSX Los Angeles, the largest FM talk radio station in the nation.

Mr Loik is an international speaker speaking in countries but not limited to the USA, Canada, England, Australia, Ireland & other countries.

He is the Author of 3 National Best Selling Books: 1. “The Next Big Thing” (Trends in the Market Now) 2. “The Edge” (How to make Money Online Now) 3. “DropShipping & Ecommerce” (The Easiest Online Home-Based Business on the Planet)

He speaks 4 languages and is an avid outdoorsman. He grew up in Canada and has a passion for the game of Hockey & even played Hockey with Wayne Gretzky. He lives with his Family in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

Omar Al Busaidy

Optimistic Opportunist, Entrepreneur, Author and Futurist

Omar Al Busaidy is the Optimistic Opportunist, Entrepreneur, Author and Futurist.He is also a very proud Emirati Global Shaper, speaker for the World Economic Forum, member of the US and UAE Public Affairs Committee, member of The Arab Youth Pioneers Program.

His multiples roles in business have allowed him to achieve several accomplishments, from publishing his own book, a day to day guide on self-development and social intelligence called ‘Just Read It’, to being the Managing Partner of his own Gentleman’ Salon enterprise, as well as being the Co-Host for the closing ceremony of World Skills Abu Dhabi in 2017 that was live streamed with an audience of 11,000.

Al Busaidy’s passion lies in learning, entrepreneurship and futurism, hence, since 2010, he has been invited to mentor students on entrepreneurship and leadership at several universities across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Moreover, he has also worked with organizations such as AISEC, Khalifa Fund and Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development.

He is currently writing his next book, What is your U(nique) F(uture) P(ower)? Where he embarks on a journey into the past, present and future to help us understand our role in this world of infinite possibility and probability!

He has also appeared as a keynote speaker and panelist at several events and conferences organized by many prestigious and high-status organizations, including TedxYouthAlAin, 37th World Diamond Congress, Harvard Business Club, and DP World.

His range of professional expertise extends to both the public and private sector, with organizations such as the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, National Bank of Dubai as one of the many names under his belt.He also served as a commercial attaché at the British Embassy in 2007 to 2008.

This has opened many doors for Al Busaidy, landing him clients such as Saudi Aramco, Siemens and World Skills International.
His fifteen years of experience in the UAE’s corporate environment began with his B.Sc. degree in Marketing from the American University in Dubai.

He also pursued a post-graduate degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University. Omar’s huge followership on Social Media has helped push him forward and advance his dreams of teaching and guidance and being able to spread his message to the world.