Najahi brings the world’s leading speakers in personal empowerment, financial education and leadership skills to the Middle East. For Najahi, business development and personal development go side-by-side and we want to create not just business leaders but family and civic leaders who will give back to their community. We are proud to be operating from the Emirates, a place which is a fantastic example of turning an inspirational dreams into reality.

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Our Vision is:

To spread powerful lessons of personal empowerment and growth across the Middle East Region, so that more and more people can achieve their utmost potential and reach their goals and ambitions. The creation of strong, dynamic and entrepreneurial economies, rich in civic leaders with engaged and supportive communities.

Our Mission is:

To bring the world’s leading speakers on self-development to the Middle East. Using the latest in interactive learning techniques, through seminars, CDs, books and ongoing coaching, to bring about lasting personal empowerment and growth for business leaders, community leaders and individuals across the region.